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M-BIOS  (Management of Business, Inititatives, Outsourcing and Subcontracting)

M-BIOS Supports and leads Complete or partial Systematical processes combining qualities and abilities in R&D, Project Management, Negotiations and Contract Management, Embedment of Outsourcing and Sub-contracted Project Management, all within the envision of long range perspective and strategic overview.

Accumulated multi-disciplinar experience in management of activities (domestic and international) enables providing exceptional added value in customizing solutions and guidance to Customers, while facing challenges and opportunities in a tight teamwork.
The Planning and work Methodology is based on the concept that each entity and activity has its specialized characteristics, environment and best solutions. Following, in the way to attend managerial excellence the commencement is within the analysis of the tasks and suitability to core issues. All activities are effectiveness and efficiency object oriented, managed through consistent and continuous business process improvement and risk management.


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